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LegendaryAFK is a plugin that lets you manage how your server handles afk . Freeze: true God: true ItemPickup: true AutoKick: Enabled: false SecondsAfk: This simple AFK plugin aims to be very lightweight and easy to use. It allows players to put themselves in and out of AFK mode. There Multimedia Database HexEditor TC.Wlx FileSystem. Статистика. пользователей, : 5664. плагинов, : 899. авторов, : 346. Latest. LuaFAR Search · DialogTools. Tagmessages: true # If enabled, all AFK messages will be tagged with " JustAFK " autokick: true # If enabled, players will be kicked automatically if inactive.

JustAFK brings a simple, multilingual, and powerful AFK (away from keyboard) plugin to Bukkit autokick, true, Players will be kicked automatically if inactive. Hello io tryied to use Search but with no sucess. How do i Auto move people to AFK Channel after 20 minuts away and how do i Auto kick after. Dec 2, 2012 Welcome to the second Minecraft Spotlight of this week! Today we will be featuring "AutoKick", a plugin created by thekris1234. AutoKick makes. Mar 20, 2013 Seriously, I only play local multiplayer so I don't really care about the AFK drama, but I just learned another amazing thing about Minecraft's.